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Shotshell Reloading Procedure:
 Reloading your own shotgun ammunition can be fun, very rewarding, and most of all cost effecient. With the shotgun sports ever increasing popularity, reloading ammo for shotguns is growing as well.

To Start Reloading:
 The first thing you may want to do is go to your local x-mart and see what they have in the line of target shotshell ammunition on sale for your shotgun and assuming they are quality shotshells buy a case and save the casings for reloading.

 Next you will want to locate a shotshell reloading press, you can buy presses online from retailers, they have presses starting at a little under a $100.00 viewable at the equipment guide. This should at least give you an idea as to where to start.

Reloading Process:
Station 1. The empty hull is placed in the first station and the press handle is lowered once lowered in this press we just removed the primer and resized the brass on the hull.

Station 2. A fresh primer is placed into the recess in the seating die. The hull is now placed over the primer and we lower the handle again and the primer is seated in the hull.

Station 3. In the third station we will perform 3 operations first place the hull in the third station and lower the handle this guides the drop tube into the hull, next push the charge bar over to one side this charges the hull with powder, now raise the handle and place wad in hull and then lower the handle again shift charge bar to other side this allows the shot charge to drop into the wad.

Station 4. Place the hull in station 4 then remove your fingers lower the handle the hull should have indexed itself to its old crimp and is now semi-crimped.

Station 5. Place the hull in station 5 lower the handle you should now have a complete shotshell. Raise the press handle remove the reloaded shotshell. Thats it your done, yes, it is that simple to do.

Shotgun Shells:

10 Gauge
12 Gauge
16 Gauge
20 Gauge
28 Gauge
.410 Bore

10 Gauge
12 Gauge
16 Gauge
20 Gauge
28 Gauge
.410 Bore
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