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Buying Used Shotguns:
 The first thing is knowing where to find the best deals, this is simple find in your local area a large gun dealer that sells new guns and takes used guns on trade. The reasoning for this is simple.
1. Well established gun shops want your repeat business so they will be fair on their pricing of used guns based on the guns condition as far as bluing wear and stock finish.
2. They will have someone they either send the gun to or have someone in their business to clean and inspect each firearm to make sure that it is operational and safe.

What Are The Best Bargain Shotguns:
1. Mossberg model 500 pump shotguns.

2. Remington model 870 pump shotguns.

3. Winchester model 1200 pump shotguns.

Why Are These Shotguns The Best Bargains:
1. On any given day in a large gun shop you will probably find one of the above shotguns in a price range of $125.00 - $225.00 in good working condition.
2. Because there are so many of these shotguns, parts are readily available from many sources.
3. All the above mentioned shotguns are of all good quality construction and materials. The 870 remington may have a slight edge because of its all steel receiver but on the other hand the alloy receivers are a easier to carry while hunting because they are lighter.

What About Competitive Use:
 There are more than a few remington 870 shotguns that compete nationally. Winchester and Mossberg both make the grade as competitive shotguns as well, all have available replacement barrels for some real bargain basement prices starting around $60.00 and going up from there. Any of these barrels can be altered to what you want by any competent gunsmith. Usually these barrels are already configured for a special use anyways such as turkey hunting, deer hunting, upland hunting and or trap shooting. Unless your going to be firing thousands of rounds annually any of these shotguns will serve you for many years.

Weak Points:
 The most likely part breakage of the shotguns mentioned thus far will be the mossberg 500 series with thumb activated safety at rear of receiver the safety will break but replacement safeties are available and can be replaced in just a few minutes.

Strong Points:
1. The Winchester 1200 is a real sleeper and lends itself well to alterations and by far has the strongest bolt system. The bolt head is of rotary locking design and when the action is closed the bolt locks into the barrel for superior lock up strength.
2. The Remington 870 is of all steel construction and many after-market parts are available to alter this shotgun to whatever you desire for shotgun features.

 You simply dont have to spend a lot of money to get into shotgun sports, with one of the above shotguns you can have a lot of fun and not be in the poor house at the same time. The shotgunning sports are a lot of fun and for the most part the people involved are fun to be around so opt for a good used shotgun and have fun.
 If you want to spend your money wisely the next step will be to go to a gunsmith and have the shotgun fitted to you.

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