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Upland Birds:
 Upland hunting is an American term for a form of bird hunting in which the hunter pursues upland game birds including quail, pheasant, grouse, chukar, partridge, and others.

 While the wild turkey is an upland bird, the tactics and equipment used for hunting turkey are very different than upland bird hunting with gun dogs also known as wing-shooting.

 Upland game hunters generally employ the use of gun dogs to find and retrieve game, reason being that upland birds tend to be found on the ground in heavy cover. Dogs can find the bird by scent, go "on point," and then flush the bird.

 Upland bird hunting takes place primarily in open fields which provide food and cover for birds. Many states derive a significant portion of their revenue from upland hunters who travel into the state to take advantage of the ideal settings.

 Upland hunters use all types of shotguns from single-shot guns to semi-automatics, and .410 bore through 12 gauge, shot & choke selections vary. One of the best all around shotguns for upland hunting is a good side by side double barrel in a smaller gauge such as a 20 or 28 gauge.

 In the United States, some states require upland hunters to wear blaze orange clothing for safety, especially a hat. A good upland vest to carry game and extra ammo is a good idea.

 One of the nice things about upland bird hunting is expense, it is relatively inexpensive to start, with a good shotgun, a few hunting friends and knowledge of a good pheasant hot spot, a lot of fun and memories can be had in short order.

 Once your hooked after hunting with a pair of good gun dogs the expense goes out the window, the rush you feel from the adrenalin when those dogs slam a point or are getting birdy more then compensates the extra expense.

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