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White-Tailed Deer Hunting:
 There are three very simple rules to observe and follow without fail while hunting white-tail deer and larger north american game animals, sight, smell and sound.

1. Sight:
 The use of camo clothing is the best place to start but many states require that you wear blaze orange, so in light of that fact get the broken camo orange patterns to break up your outline. If stalking use trees to your advantage, stay within the tree line and out of open fields and meadows. The most important factor is that you are in the animals domain and they do know what looks right to them and for the most part upright walking creatures are not normal in their domain and stick out like a sore thumb.

2. Smell:
 This is probably one of the most important things to keep in mind animals will smell or wind you from extremely long distances so you will need to cover your scent. Use unscented soap, shampoo and deodorant for personal hygeine. For clothing, use unscented laundry soap to wash hunting clothes. Then use the commercial cover scents on your boots and clothing. Purchase all of these which are made especially for hunting, they are made different from the standard unscented soaps in supermarkets. There are also other alternatives such as deer scent lures to attract deer that work effectively as well.

3. Sound:
 When you are in bedding areas, use extreme caution, big game animals such as deer are very alert, one twig snap and they will be long gone before you even know that they were there. Slow and easy is the only way to go. Not everyone can use a deer call or chooses to but the fact remains it works and for the most part works real well. There are many good calls on the market and they do work.

 Scouting includes a variety of tasks and techniques for finding deer to hunt. There are four factors for deer, food, cover, terrain and structure. Knowing what the deer eat and when that food is available to them, and how they use the terrain, cover and structure to travel to and from these areas lets you choose trail camera locations that will let you see what deer are in that area.

 Once you have located the area that will produce good high quality mature deer you will have to decide the hunting technique by which you will harvest your deer.

Stand Hunting:
 Ladder stand or tree stand hunting, is waiting for deer patiently from a elevated position in which you let the deer come to you. These types of stands are positioned normally 15 - 25 yards downwind from active deer trails and will give you the best opportunity for a close, well-placed shot at a mature deer.

Ground Blind Hunting:
 Sometimes deer will favor an imparticular watering hole in a low area depending on the location and the type of deer you are scouting, generally these type of areas are a good place for a ground blind set-up.

 Baiting, is defined as the use of decoys, lures, scent or food sources to attract deer. Always check your state regulations for your states specification on this type of hunting. Early and late deer season is the time of year to appeal to a deer's sense of appetite. The scents that can and do work well at this time are food based attractant scents.

As the deer rut starts bucks actively begin to chase the does in anticipation of the first females coming into the estrus cycle waiting to be bred. Now the male deer actively start to freshen up scrapes and rubs, eating has now become less of a priority as the interest in the opposite sex starts to take over a male deer's brain and they become very aggressive toward each other. Each buck becomes a solitary unit seeking out any fresh female deer he can find.

 Now is the time to use female deer-in-estrus, male deer-in-rut, urine and glandular scent lures to spike scrapes and create scent trails leading to your tree stand. The trick here is quite simple, something as simple as a cotton ball tied to a low lying twig laced with female deer estrus scent will bring any male deer running to you and it's at this time that large male deer drop most of their survival instincts looking for does.

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White-tail Deer Hunting
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