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Rifle Scope Mounts:
 Millett rings and mounts are made from heat treated nickel steel for strength and durability. The exception in steel construction are the moderately priced weaver style scope bases, which for the most part are priced at an affordable and economical price.

 The all steel mounts and rings are a great value for their price so if you can go the few extra bucks go with the all steel.

The rings internal surfaces are splined for gripping the scope body which prevents the scope from moving even under the abusive and heavy recoiling magnum rifles. Millett scope rings come in two types, the angle-lock windage adjustable scope mount and the more traditional turn in.

 1. The millett angle-loc scope rings are part of the Angle-Loc windage adjustable scope mount system, which is the most significant improvement to the traditional weaver-style mount in many years. With the new angle-loc sytem your windage adjustment is in the base of the ring which is critical to accurately mounting any scope. The new angle lock system with the windage adjustment in the ring itself is a real accuracy bonus to all that currently use the weaver system, If you have this type of scope mount it would be in your best interest to use the new adjustable ring system for premium accuracy.

 2. The millett turn in type rings feature less ring gap for cleaner lines and a stronger mount, the dovetail surfaces are heat-treated and polished for smooth installations these rings turn smoothly into their locking counter parts the ring base.

 Millett rings come in two ring diameter sizes, the traditional 1" diameter and the popular 30mm.

 Millett rings come in variable heights to accomodate even the largest of objective diameter scopes for barrel to scope clearances.

 Millett rings also come in extended lengths to solve eye relief problems.

 Millet rings come in four different styles to satisfy your needs of application, matte, nickel, engraved and gloss finishes.

 Millett makes scope mounts to fit almost every rifle, shotgun and handgun application.

 So how does Millett rate on a scale of 1-5, they are a 5.
 (Highly Recommended)

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