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Centerfire Rifle Cartridge Reloading Equipment:
 When starting out to reload your own empty rifle cartridge cases, reloading kits are a very good place to start when selecting reloading equipment. Lee offers probably one of the most economical approaches to reloading with a good solid O-frame press in their kit. There are convenient loading tools offered by other manufacturers as well, all are high quality.

Rifle Cartridge Reloading Data:
 Once you have selected a reloading kit you will need a source of reliable reloading data. Bullet manufacturers offer some of the best data as they use a multitude of powder, cartridge casings and primer combinations for their test results.

Rifle Cartridge Reloading:
 The first step is to clean and inspect the cases, then lube the inside of the cartridge case neck with case neck brush and then lube the cases on the exterior with the lube pad.

RCBS Case Lube Kit is the best and simplest way to properly clean and lube cases. Includes case lube pad; 2-oz. bottle of Case Lube-2 and accessory handle with interchangeable Case Neck Brushes for .22 through .30 calibers. Will not harm primers.

Lee Challenger Press, The "O" frame press by design is one of the strongest, RCBS O frame presses are notoriously strong. This is by far the most popular style press. The larger than average opening is angled at 30 degrees for maximum hand clearance. The spent primer catcher is effective and the easiest to empty.
In this step you resize and deprime the cases by threading your resizing die into the press and attaching the shell holder on the ram of your press.

Lee Pacesetter Dies include the exclusive Lee Factory Crimp Die, resizing and depriming die, conventional bullet seater & roll crimper die, shell holder, powder dipper, load data and storage box.

In this step you check the case length.

Cabela's Stainless Steel 6" Dial Caliper will deliver unfailing .001" accuracy for checking cartridge case length, takes inside, outside and depth measurements. It also includes a protective storage case.

In this step when necessary you trim the cases chamfer and deburr.

The Lee Cutter and Lock Stud works for all calibers. Trim cases by hand or electrically. Can be used with an electric drill to trim,

chamfer and deburr cases.

The Lee Case Length Gauge (Pilot) and Shell Holder combination set must be ordered for each specific caliber.

In this step you clean the primer pocket of the case.

Lee Primer Pocket Cleaner double ended design cleans both large and small primer pockets. Primers can be fully seated for better accuracy and safety.

In this step you prime the case with a new primer.

Lee Auto Prime and Shellholder Set is the fastest, most accurate priming tool made. You never touch the primers from the box to the shell. Automatically feeds and installs just as fast as you can place shells in the holder. Both large and small trays and 11 of the most popular shellholders.

In this step you weigh out your powder charge and add it to the case.

Lee Perfect Powder Measure, Lee Safety Scale, the most sensitive and safest of all powder scales and the Lee Powder Funnel. Using the lee perfect powder measure you throw a charge of powder within a few tenths of a grain and add it to the scale pan then using the powder trickler over the scale pan you finish the charge then use the powder funnel to add powder to case.

RCBS Powder Trickler is the easiest way to feed powder to your scale. Turn the small knob and powder trickles into the pan one kernel at a time. Large-capacity reservoir, extra-wide base for stability, and a perfect height for all powder scales.

In this last step you seat the bullet into the case.
 Now you remove your resizing die from the press and thread into the press your bullet seating die then seat the bullet into the cartridge case.

Centerfire Rifle Cartridges:
17 Rem. - 204 Ruger - 22 Hornet - 222 Rem.
223 Rem. - 22-250 Rem. - 220 Swift - 223 WSSM
243 Win. - 6mm Rem. - 243 WSSM - 240 Wby. Mag.
250 Savage - 257 Roberts - 25 WSSM - 25-06 Rem.
257 Wby. Mag. - 6.5 x 55mm - 260 Rem.
6.5mm Rem. Mag. - 264 Win. Mag. - 6.8mm Rem.
270 Win. - 270 WSM - 270 Wby. Mag. - 7mm-08 Rem.
280 Rem. - 7mm Rem. Mag. - 7mm WSM
30-30 Win. - 308 Win. - 30-06 Springfield
300 Win. Mag. - 300 WSM - 300 Wby. Mag.
325 WSM - 338 Win. Mag. - 340 Wby. Mag.
357 Mag. - 44 Mag. - 444 Marlin - 45-70 Government
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