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Rifle Barrel Cryogenic Tempering:
 Deep cryogenic tempering operates at - 300 degrees fahrenheit for abrasion resistance, after this process the steel is then tempered back to + 300 degrees fahrenheit for absolute stress relief.

How Cryogenic Tempering Works:
 If an alloy metal contains austenite (a soft form of Iron), and the austenite responds in some degree to heat treatment, even more improvement will be noticed after taking it to -300 degrees fahrenheit.

 There is a conversion of retained austenite to martensite (a hard form of Iron). The normal heat-treatment process does not complete this transition.

 The - 300 degrees fahrenheit cold temperature promotes formation of fine carbide particles, called binders, such as tungsten carbide, chromium carbide, etc., depending upon the alloying elements it then gives the steel complete uniformity of hardness.

 The martensite and fine carbide formed by deep cryogenic treatment then work together to reduce abrasive wear.

Cryogenic Tempering Advantages:
Increased abrasive wear resistance.
Creates a denser molecular structure.
Changes the entire barrel steel structure, not just the surface.
Tames barrel heat warping.
Decreases residual stresses.
Increases tensile strength, toughness and stability.
Releases internal stress.

What CryoPlus Says:
 Our Cryo-Processing extends rifle barrel life 200 to 400 percent and enhances accuracy. The practice of taking barrels off and putting them aside after only 2000 to 3000 rounds has become a thing of the past. New barrels and the costs associated with chambering are significant.

 Cryo-Processing will change the way you approach the task of keeping a "gilt-edge" barrel on your rifle. It will provide dimensional stabilization, less copper fouling and improve grain restructuring thus eliminating copper collecting inclusions.

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