Black Powder:
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Black Powder And Substitute Powders, Measuring:

 Gunpowder, black powder is measured by volume and weight, 80 grain volume equals 80 grains in weight. Black powder substitute powders are all designed to replace black powder by volume and volume only according to powder granule size.

 Example: 80 grain FFFg black powder replaced by 80 grain FFFg Hodgdon 777 by volume measure only.

 Do not weigh any black powder charge and then use an equivalent weight of any of the substitute powders, the consequences of such an experiment will most likely not be good for you or your muzzleloader.

 Adjust your powder charge within the limits of safety, always check muzzleloader manufacturer recommendations before loading any powder charge in a muzzleloaders barrel.

 Firing a series of 3-5 shot groups, start your powder charge at the lowest manufacturers recommendation, up your powder charge 5 grains per group until you have reached your muzzleloaders manufacturers maximum charge recommendation, this will determine what charge works best for your rifle with your projectile choice.

 Up to this point you have been using volume measure, now you can drag out the powder scale and fine tune your powder charge.

Fine Tuning Your Powder Charge:
 We'll say that your most accurate powder charge was 90 grain volume charge of Blackhorn 209 powder.

 Your 85 grain volume measure of Blackhorn 209 was pretty good but not as good as 90 grain.

 Your 95 grain volume measure of Blackhorn 209 was pretty good but not as good as 90 grain.

 To fine tune your powder charge, you now scale weigh your 85 grain volume measure powder charge and you scale weigh your 95 grain volume measure powder charge.

 Working up from your lowest scale weight, again fire 3-5 shot groups 1 grain weight at a time till you reach your highest scale weight. This will now give you the most accurate load that you can achieve with your rifle and bullet combination by selecting the smallest group of your weighed charges.

Make A Powder Measure.
 Now that you have an exact load for your muzzleloader you need to make or buy a powder measure that will throw your powder charge by volume exactly the same every time, for loading consistency. Do not use weighed charges of any powder, black or otherwise other than to work up an accurate load.

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