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Gunsmithing / Gun Repair:
Gun Parts
Gun Parts:

Brownell's: We supply factory replacement gun parts and you can select new parts from our free printable firearm schematics for handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Gun Parts Corporation: A gun parts mail order company specializing in current and obsolete gun parts, everything from pins & springs to barrels and stocks, the recognized source for gun parts and accessories through their 1152 page catalog.
J. C. Higgins Gun Parts
Sears Gun Parts
Western Auto Gun Parts
Western Field Gun Parts

Sarco: One of the world’s largest wholesale and retail suppliers of gun parts, buy and sell both new and used, military and commercial, hand gun, machine gun, pistol, revolver, rifle and shotgun parts.

US Armory: Suppliers of US military parts, including M1A, M14, AR15, M16, M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, AK47, FAL-Parts, accessories, bayonets, magazines, and clips.

Gun Parts Manufacturers:

Choke Tubes:
Colonial Arms
Wad Wizard

Gun Sights:

Gun Springs:
Wolff Gunsprings

Gun Stocks:
Precision Gun Stocks
Richard's Microfit Gunstocks, Inc.
Wenig Custom Gunstocks

Rifle Barrels:
Hart barrels
Shilen barrels
E.R.Shaw: Very high quality barrels.

Shotgun Barrels:
Hastings barrels

Timney Triggers

Gunsmithing Books:

Resources And References:
Gun Manufacturers: - Browning - Colt
Remington - Ruger - Winchester
Cross Reference Guide: - 1
Belknap - Coast to Coast - Cotter & Co.
C.I.L. - 2 - Gamble - J.C.Higgins
J.C.Penney - New Haven - Ranger
Sears - Western Auto - Western Field
Handgun Guide
Muzzleloader Guide
Rifle Guide
Shotgun Guide