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ArmsVault: Browse alphabetical listing of firearm dealers, shooting ranges and tactical links.

Gun A network of gun websites on various guns, shooting clubs, events and forum.

Guns: 1000's of alphabetized, categorized and searchable links.

Gunshopfinder: A searchable, detailed directory of gun stores in the United States. Also has links to other firearms-related sites.

MD Smith Links: A selection of gun and shooting web sites.

Firearms: Directory and guide to guns, gunsmithing, reloading, shooting and hunting. Home of gun facts and not fiction. Specific features of this site:
Blackpowder Guide, Rifle Guide and Shotgun Guide.

Guns & Ammo Magazine, continues to delight its readers with its on-line presence with various firearm articles, firearm torture tests and firearms reviews. Specific firearm features of this site include: Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns.

Chuck Hawks, owner and managing editor of Guns & Shooting Online shares his views and opinions of firearms with various articles. Specific firearm features of this site include:
Handguns, Muzzleloaders, Rifles and Shotguns.


American Handgunner: American Handgunner is a magazine dedicated to handguns, handgun hunting, competition shooting, reloading and other shooting-related activities in the United States.

Handguns Magazine: The online edition is dedicated to the all-around handgun enthusiast emphasizing the proper use and selection of handguns for defense and sport shooting.

1911 Custom Made Ivory Grips for Colt Automatics: Genuine elephant ivory grips custom made and handcrafted for most of the pre-war Colt automatic models.

M-1911: Offers reference data and links about the 1911 style firearm designed by John Moses Browning.

The Sight M1911A1: Devoted to the lore, history, use, and future of the 1911 .45 ACP Pistol.

Desert Eagle Pistol Knowledge Database: FAQ, cleaning and maintenance, ammunition reviews, other magnum semiautomatic reviews.

Glock Talk: Features chat rooms for various aspects and models of the Glock pistol.

Glock Sports Shooting Foundation: Provides online reference materials, schedules and maps, as well as searchable GSSF match results for current and past years.

CMR International Arms Company (UK): C96 Mauser Broomhandle and Luger pistol specialists. Buy and sell.

Rifles: - Features this unofficial resource for the serious student of Heckler and Koch. Provides a forum and also sells HKPro gear.

AR15 - Reviews of new and old AR-15s, variants and accessories. Includes photographs and links. - An AR-15 dedicated site that includes manuals, guides, firearms news and discussion about the AR-15. - Presents information and links to history, manuals, ammo, manufacturers, discussion groups, mailing lists, and distributors of AR-15s. - A forum with information about ammunition, manufacturers and distributors of 6.8 products.

M1 - Garand Collectors Association - Garand Collectors Association (GCA). The GCA is devoted to the study of the M1 Garand rifle. It is the intent of the GCA that this site will foster interest and study on the subject of this superb firearm.

M1- Department of the Army Field Manual - FM 23-5, Caliber .30 - FM 23-5 for the U.S. Rifle, CALIBER .30, M1.

The M1 Garand Information Place - The M1 Garand Information Place contains bulletins, serial number information, how-to guides and generic M1 Garand information.

The M1 Garand Rifle - An M1 garand site devoted to the mechanical functioning, nomenclature, and history of the M1 Garand Rifle. There are sections devoted to field stripping, detail stripping and assembly.

M1-Garand World War II Tribute - Tribute to the M1-Garand, the men of World War II who carried it, and what they did.

Modern Firearms - AR-15 - A collection of information about the AR-15, its history and the changes of the rifle.

Scott A. Duff Historic Martial Arms: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the M1 Garand, and the US Rifle Model of 1917.

SWD Lightning Link - Information about the SWD Lightning Link for the AR-15.

Tribute to the M1-Garand and the men who used it in WWII - Tribute to the M1-Garand and the men who carried it in World War II.

US Armory - Suppliers of US military parts, including M1A, M14, AR15, M16, M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, AK47, FAL-Parts, accessories, bayonets, magazines, and clips.

300 Whisper Page - Features history, reloading, and shooting of this cartridge as well as a discussion of the various weapons that use it.

Dayton Traister Inc. - Dayton Traister Inc. manufacturers the Mark II adjustable trigger, speed lock kit and Mark II Safety for Mauser M93-98 and M1903/1903A3 Springfields.

Mitchell's Mausers - New, but 55 years old, and still in 'Military New' unissued condition. An accident of history has preserved these superior design 98k rifles, designated M48, complete with all of their original accessories.

Peter Paul Mauser - In 1897 Mauser produced the Mauser Gewehr magazine-rifle. It was Germany's answer to the French Lebel M1888. It has been claimed that it was the most successful bolt-action rifle ever designed.

Old Deer Hunters - The 22 rimfire is the most popular rifle in America. We have already tested a couple of great rimfires and you can find the results here.

Rimfire Central - A forum dedicated entirely to the world of the small caliber rimfire firearm, good information source.


Shotgun-Insight - Shotgun pattern analysis and free online tools.

Amateur Trapshooting Association - Amateur Trapshooting Association of America, most relevant information in amateur trap shooting such as regulation target speed and general overview of trap shooting, scoring, scores and more. - is devoted to informing the public about the sport of trapshooting, help you find the information you need to get involved in the sport of trapshooting, learn how, and where to go shoot trap.

Gun Rights Organization:

National Rifle Association: The NRA is the united states based organization that lobbies for the right of personal gun ownership in the united states therefore protecting the second amendment of the United States of America's Constitution.

Gun Reviews:

1-1-1-1-directory-dot.gif - 846 BytesGuns For Sale: Here at Guns For Sale, we have focused on building an information-only site dedicated to helping you research and purchase your ideal firearm, whether you are shopping for personal defense reasons, hunting season, or sporting purposes. We do not sell guns, please use our product listings to find specific gun information and to read unbiased gun reviews.

Gun Business:

NSGA: The National Sporting Goods Association serves the sporting goods industry by providing information, education and cost-saving services. In addition, NSGA serves as the voice of the retailer/dealer, speaking out on issues that affect sporting goods retailers/dealers. NSGA speaks out in its own publications, through its Board of Directors and by taking active roles in issues-based coalitions.

SGINEWS: Sporting Goods Intelligence is the premiere source for news, analysis and information about the global sporting goods market. Sporting Goods Intelligence has launched SGI Weekly Intelligence, a free on-line trade publication for retail buyers and executives. Published by the editorial team of SGI, it includes the latest industry news and product info. Sporting Goods Intelligence is the most respected financial newsletter covering the sporting goods industry.

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