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Barrett Model 82A1 & M107 Rifles:
Written by: Kim Lockhart, Copyright.

Autoloading Rifle:
 The Barrett Model 82A1, .50 caliber BMG, rifle, is a semi-automatic .50 caliber BMG sniper rifle adopted by the U.S. Army in the early 2000s, and is also sold as the Barret M107 commercially. It is a new designation of the M82 Special Applications Scoped Rifle (which has also been commercially available from Barrett as the M82 series) in the US military.

 The M107 is used for traditional sniper tasks, but is especially useful for long-range, counter-sniper, and anti-materiel roles over more traditional smaller bore sniper rifles.

 There are no significant differences between the Barrett M82A1M/M82A3 and the M107. However, production M107s appear to have the addition of a rear monopod and there are rumors of internal improvements as well, but information has not been widely available.

 The M107 was voted one of 2005's Top 10 Military Inventions by the U.S. Army.

 The XM107 was originally intended to be a bolt-action sniper rifle, and in fact it was selected by the U.S. Army in a competition between such weapons. However, the decision was made that the US Army did not, in fact, require such a weapon. The rifle originally selected under the trials to be the XM107 was the Barrett M95.

 When the Army decided it no longer needed these weapons it found that it had money already allotted for "XM107 rifles," and rather than deal with this complication, the decision was made to change the M82 Rifle's designation to M107, and use the money to purchase those type of rifles instead.

 In summer 2005, the M82 finally emerged from its Army trial phase and was approved for "full materiel release", meaning it was officially adopted as the Long Range Sniper Rifle, Caliber .50, M107.

 The Barrett XM107 is a .50 caliber, shoulder fired, semi-automatic, sniper rifle. Like its predecessors the rifle is said to have manageable recoil for a weapon of its size owing to the barrel assembly that itself absorbs force, moving inward toward the receiver against large springs with every shot. Additionally the weapon's weight and large muzzle brake also assist in recoil reduction.

 The Barrett XM107 and M107, like previous members of the M82 line, are also referred to as the Barrett "Light Fifty".

 The Model 82A1/M107 series rifle is a rugged, dependable semi-automatic rifle. In simple terms, it has earned unmatched respect because it works in battlefield conditions. Our military men and women have depended on over 5,000 Model 82A1/M107 rifles to protect themselves and to protect our freedoms.

 The Barrett Model 82A1/M107, .50 caliber BMG, rifle, features a chamber that is chrome plated and dimensioned for both civilian and military ammunition. The extractor and ejector are proven to work under any condition. Close tolerances on all parts and intelligent design allows it to function in all environments. The trigger is appropriate for a battle rifle.

 The Barrett Model 82A1/M107, .50 caliber BMG, rifle, has a improved muzzle brake, along with dual barrel springs and a long mainspring design make the Model 82A1/M107 comfortable and fun to shoot. Rapid, accurate fire from its ten round magazine is a breeze.

 The Barrett Model 82A1/M107, .50 caliber BMG, rifle, fits in a regular sized carry case. It is transported disassembled as an upper and lower receiver. The rifle is assembled and ready to fire in under a minute by inserting 2 assembly pins through both receivers.

 The Barrett Model 82A1/M107, .50 caliber BMG, rifle, scope remains mounted on the upper receiver, the scope zero is maintained, optics rail is elevated 27 MOA to take full advantage of a scope's elevation travel, emergency iron sights are provided as well.

 The Barrett Model 82A1/M107, .50 caliber BMG, rifle, for over 2 decades, has been refined and improved to the point, there are no competitors in this rifle class.

 The Barrett Model 82A1/M107, .50 caliber BMG, rifle, specifications:
Caliber - .50 BMG.
Barrel lengths - 29 inches (73.7 cm), 20 inches (50.8 cm).
Barrel twist - Right, 1 in 15" (38 cm).
Weights - 30.9 lbs (14.0 kg) (with 29 inch barrel), 29.7 lbs (13.5 kg) (with 20 inch barrel).
Length assembled - 57 inches (122 cm) (with 29 inch barrel), 48 inches (115 cm) (with 20 inch barrel).
Front sight: - .070 inch flip up. (1.78 mm) wide post
Rear sight: - .065 inch flip up. (1.65 mm) aperture, 1500 meter adjustable
Sight radius: - 23.3 inches (59 cm)
Scope rail: - 24 inches (61 cm) long.

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