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223 Winchester Super Short Magnum:

The 223 Winchester Super Sort Magnum is a new centerfire rifle cartridge developed in partnership with Browning Arms Company and Winchester ammunition, making its debut and introduced to the shooting public in 2003. The new .224" short magnum cartridge debuted chambered in Winchester's Model 70 bolt action rifle. The 223 WSSM is a centerfire rifle cartridge based on the 404 jeffery cartridge case, shortening and necking down to twenty-two caliber and sharpening the shoulder angle to 28 degrees the new 223 WSSM cartridge gets a definite boost in case capacity. The 223 WSSM cartridge achieves true wildcat performance at the factory level, providing varmint hunters and shooters with a very high level of .22" caliber super performance. This is the first cartridge where handloaders will have the option in a cartridge to load their own to super performance beyond that of the 220 Swift or load at more modest barrel saving levels of 22-250 Remington velocities.

 The 223 WSSM factory loadings show a velocity of 3,850 feet per second for a 55 grain bullet while this is only slightly more than the Remington 22-250 which shows a velocity of 3,680 feet per second, barrel life for the two rounds will not be the same, as the 223 WSSM chamberings in browning and winchester rifles have chrome bores to slow throat erosion therefore the 223 WSSM will have an extended barrel life beyond that of the 22-250.

 The 223 WSSM is certainly a handloading varminters and wildcatters dream cartridge, this was borne out by Hornady's sixth edition of; Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, where in the opening description of the 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum they stated "We examined the throat of the rifle with a bore scope after approximately 350 rounds and the erosion was significant. This cartridge is hard on barrels.

 The 223 WSSM is such a revolutionary new cartridge that Hornady when making the above statement also made a statement, same handbook, same page; Note: In the following data we were able to reach 4,600 fps with our 40 grain V-MAX. Our trajectory tables only cover that bullet to 4,400 fps. Clearly in the Hornady statements, they as bullet manufacturers had never seen a commercial rifle cartridge produce such high velocities at saami safe chamber pressures, this exceeds anything prior by 200 feet per second. Clearly making the new 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum, the fastest commercial .22" caliber centerfire cartridge on planet earth.

 The 223 WSSM cartridge is only hard on barrels when handloaded to extreme velocities, all factory ammunition for this cartridge does not reach that point. Because the velocity is high on the 223 WSSM cartridge, anyone new to varminting is going to find out quickly their rifle barrels will carbon foul. This cartridge should not be fired in any rifle barrel more than 3 shots between total barrel cleanings and the barrel should be allowed to cool between each shot to maintain top notch accuracy. For a beginner just getting into the world of long range varminting, the 223 WSSM cartridge is highly recommended as it offers excellent down range trajectories with plenty of bullet energy for very effective distant kills.

This is a ballistics chart for the 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum rifle:
Rifle barrel length: 24 Inches.
Ammunition: Winchester 55 grain Ballistic Silvertip bullet.
Bullet diameter: .224 inch.
Bullet weight: 55 grains.
Bullet ballistic coefficient: .276.
Rifle zero: 240 yards, 1" mid-range rise.
Range Muzzle 50 yds. 100 yds. 200 yds. 300 yds. 400 yds. 500 yds.
Bullet Velocity: 3,850 fps. 3,639 fps. 3,438 fps. 3,065 fps. 2,722 fps. 2,404 fps. 2,108 fps.
Bullet Energy: 1,810 ft.lbs. 1,617 ft.lbs. 1,444 ft.lbs. 1,147 ft.lbs. 905 ft.lbs. 706 ft.lbs. 543 ft.lbs.
Bullet Drop: - 1.8" - 0.2" + 0.8" + 0.4" - 3.7" - 12.6" - 27.5"

This is a ballistics chart for the 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum rifle:
Rifle barrel length: 24 Inches.
Ammunition: Winchester 64 grain Power Point bullet.
Bullet diameter: .224 inch.
Bullet weight: 64 grains.
Bullet ballistic coefficient: .233.
Rifle zero: 260 yards, 2" mid-range rise.
Range Muzzle 50 yds. 100 yds. 200 yds. 300 yds. 400 yds. 500 yds.
Bullet Velocity: 3,600 fps. 3,365 fps. 3,144 fps. 2,734 fps. 2,359 fps. 2,014 fps. 1,702 fps.
Bullet Energy: 1,842 ft.lbs. 1,609 ft.lbs. 1,405 ft.lbs. 1,062 ft.lbs. 790 ft.lbs. 576 ft.lbs. 412 ft.lbs.
Bullet Drop: - 1.8" + 0.3" + 1.5" + 1.3" - 3.6" - 14.8" - 34.6"

223 Winchester Super Short Magnum Reloading:

Bullet Diameter: .224 Inch.
Maximum Case Length: 1.670 Inches.
Trimmed Case Length: 1.660 Inches.
Primer Size: Large Rifle.
Maximum Cartridge Overall Length: 2.360 Inches.

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